Bayswater Power Station

Bayswater Power Station was commissioned in 1985, and shares the title of being Australia's largest power station. Bayswater's design reflects the progress and improvements in power generation technology to maximise efficiency and minimise environmental impacts. The most distinctive feature of Bayswater Power Station is the four evaporative cooling towers.

Over recent years Bayswater Power Station has produced approximately 16,000 GWhs of electricity a year. This is enough power for 2 million average Australian homes and families.

With a commitment to the improvement of operation and technology upgrades, Bayswater will continue to be a centre piece of the NSW electricity system.

Generating Unit Size

4 x 660 MW units


Steam Pressure 16,550 kPa
Steam Temperature 540 degrees
Height 80 metres

Turbo Generators
Operating Speed 3,000 rpm
Generator voltage 23kV
Length 50 metres
Weight 1,342 tonnes

Turbine House

Length 510 metres
Height 38 metres
Width 40 metres


Height 250 metres
Diameter at base 23 metres
Diameter at top 12 metres

Cooling Towers

Height 132 metres
Diameter at base 100 metres
Diameter at top 52 metres

Coal Consumption

Approximately7.5 million tonnes per year